Saturday, 26 December 2009

securing the sliding glass door + moving

part of one of my dreams last night was about keeping some kind of bad person or thing out of my parents house in washington. i was scurrying to lock all the doors and the last thing to close was the sliding glass door. the lock wouldnt lock properly so i was looking for a wooden pole or something to put in the gutter behind the sliding glass door so you couldnt pull it open, but i never find anything long enough so i was stacking boxes and different things, but nothing was holding. i looked in the wood box, but there was nothing to use, only some cardboard boxes and small wood pieces.

later in possibly another dream i dreamed that my wife and i lived in the states and had a place here in norway and we were going to move back to norway, but most of the stuff we have recently purchased was in our house in the states so we had to rent a huge container so we could fill it with furniture and things to then send it on a boat to norway. i remember we had a giant white wooden bed frame that had poles and a convex shape headboard with 2 rows of mattresses and the bed was on an elevated step upwards above the floor.

there was more but i cant remember more.

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