Thursday, 17 December 2009

cruise with my son

my number three son and i were on a big cruise ship on a river (i saw this picture of jackie barrett in a boat on the river the other day) and our car was also on the cruise ship bc i remember seeing my car keys and thinking that it didnt matter where i put them, i could hang them on the outside of our cabin door i wanted to, bc if anybody stole them they couldn't drive away with our car anyway. we shared a tiny little cabin together with a windows on both sides. to the left it was the ocean and to the right was a hallway (we were at the beginning of the hallway) and a door then went out to the deck on the right side of the ship. doug G and his wife turid were also on the ship. doug saw some dolphins and whales in the water so he jumped overboard to take pictures of them. the boat kept sailing away so he swam really fast and climbed back on board. i remember being below him helping him climb up (eagle egg scene from nacho libre that i just watched the other day?) then the ship stopped at some port and a new lady passenger came into the hallway going to her room and i was standing in my underwear so i closed our cabin door. then i woke up.

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