Thursday, 5 May 2011

my son dying made me wake up

i was at the top of a high street taking pictures of a romanesque building with lots of pillars in front and i looked behind me and my son F stumbled over the edge and was holding on to a ledge and he was too far down for me to grab him to save him and it made me wake up. then for some irrational reason i wanted to get back into the dream and save him! lol =) i was planning on jumping off the ledge, grabbing him then putting him on top of me so that he would fall into my body as i hit the ground so hopefully he wouldnt die at least...

Thursday, 15 July 2010

actually dying caused me to wake up

i remember the other night i actually let myself die in my dream and it made me wake up and my heart was pounding pretty hard and i was full of adrenalin. pretty crazy.

the grim reaper

i dreamed last night that i was in some kind of school and this grim reaper figure would come in and if he was looking for you then there was seemingly nothing you could do except if you had this particular mask, if you put in over your face, then you would become invisible to him and he would go away for a while. then i saw some brave soul who was going to be attacked by the reaper and he acted as if the reaper didnt exist or have any power over him and when the reaper tried thrusting a knife into this guys (dark medium length curly hair with a blue and white collared shirt, like my orange one, only short sleeves) back it just disappeared and then the reaper also disappeared when he realized he was powerless against this guy. that gave me courage.

Monday, 12 July 2010

lds testimony meeting

i dreamed last night that i was in an lds testimony meeting in sandvika and stood up on top of a piano bench and started telling everybody all the stuff i have recently learned about church history and why the church was a cult, etc. everybody starting laughing, i think they thought i was trying to be funny, but when they realized i wasnt then they started laughing to scorn. i think there was like 1 old lady with long blonde frizzy/curly hair that actually listened to what i was saying and seemed to agree with me.
the meeting began by announcing the excommunication of Ds husband Nick because he wasnt willing to share names of people he knew. it was completely absurd, so that fired me up to get up on the bench and start "preaching" =) but this took place in the kent stake center and not in sandvika. afterwards i remember seeing security cars driving to my house to try and arrest me, so i didnt go home.

Monday, 21 June 2010

escape from islam island

i dreamed i was in some kind of christian concentration camp run by islamists. even though im not christian anymore, i was christian in my dream. how funny. the place looked like a prison with a big building and tower, guards on the roof tops with rifles and even really thick, round, silver-looking silencers on the sniper rifles. they had guard dogs too. last night i watched a csi miami episode that was about a guy in prison so no wonder why the setting for this dream was like this. they forced the prisoners to fight each other to the death like in a gladiator movie. i remember one person running behind another guy while whacking him in the head with a gardening fork tool. my son was playing with one of those 2 nights ago at a wedding, and 2 of my sons were in the prison with me. i finally got out of the prison by following charlize theron right out the front gate. she acted with such authority that everybody believed she knew what she was doing. she said to the guy trying to close the gate before she got there "laa!" (no, in arabic) (although i put those words into her mouth because i knew how to say it in arabic) and then she demanded a passport and car keys in a very authoritative way and people didnt dare doubt her in fear of punishment. last night i watched a 4 minute clip of zach galifianakis interviewing theron in "between 2 ferns". again, no wonder she was in my dream. i guess i must have left my sons there to try and go get help, but i remember some other prisoner confronting me about leaving and i remember saying "they're going to die here anyways". when we had driven a ways out of the camp we came to the beach only to find tons of more guards/police with weapons, but they werent necessarily looking for us. it seemed as if we were on an island. but i do remember somebody (one of the guards, but on my side) grabbing me by the arm and walking me somewhere, but then i woke up.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

war time

i remember standing alongside a major road in a polish city and the moroccan army was invading and all of the sudden one of the moroccan soldiers on a tank just opened fire on me and 2 other people standing there. i remember falling to the ground and about to die and expecting the soldier to come finish the job, but he didnt and i was like "cmon just get it over with". i wanted to see what was "on the other side", but i never made it. i guess i didnt die. i also remember some princess that i had had an affair with or something and i was chasing her car yelling for her to stop and the car she was driving pulled into the house next to the big iron gate they came out of. the princess was riding in the convertable, sitting upraised and it was night time. then i saw her fiance across the street coming towards us and i dont remember what happened after that.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

being chased and driving trucks

i dreamed last night that my boss and JOM were chasing me with a taser gun, the kind that shoots out a wire with a pointy thing on the end and electrocutes the person it hits. i threw rocks at my boss (reminds me of the movie hostel which i watched a couple of days ago) and JOM is a runner so i said to myself "ive gotta find a way to do something to his feet". i eventually lost them somehow, by running over some train tracks and a bridge of some sort, walking on a thin pipe over a river or something. then some truck driver guy wanted to hire me to drive trucks for him and he said he would pay me really well. i would get 10% more than everybody else i think.

i also remember walking by a highway with PE and M was acting rude so we started walking home together and after we got back i heard them arguing and PE said trying to reassure M that she didnt like me and that she thought i was ugly and M saw that i heard her say that and he was all embarrassed and i felt hurt.