Thursday, 6 May 2010

being chased and driving trucks

i dreamed last night that my boss and JOM were chasing me with a taser gun, the kind that shoots out a wire with a pointy thing on the end and electrocutes the person it hits. i threw rocks at my boss (reminds me of the movie hostel which i watched a couple of days ago) and JOM is a runner so i said to myself "ive gotta find a way to do something to his feet". i eventually lost them somehow, by running over some train tracks and a bridge of some sort, walking on a thin pipe over a river or something. then some truck driver guy wanted to hire me to drive trucks for him and he said he would pay me really well. i would get 10% more than everybody else i think.

i also remember walking by a highway with PE and M was acting rude so we started walking home together and after we got back i heard them arguing and PE said trying to reassure M that she didnt like me and that she thought i was ugly and M saw that i heard her say that and he was all embarrassed and i felt hurt.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

rubbing my nipple

i dreamed i was sitting next to BRJ and i took her hand as a joke and put it on my chest and made her start rubbing a circle around my nipple.