Monday, 21 December 2009


i dreamt last night that i was in an office building where i could see mount ararat from a window. except whatever this ararat was, it does not resemble the ararat in turkey. it wasnt much taller than the office building i was in (probably 12 stories high) and it was reddish stone. anyways as i was talking to some lady i was looking at the mountain/rock and imagined it starting to crack and then it suddenly started to crack and the ground began to rumble and big stone doors became visible and opened up at the bottom of the rock. they were covered in what looked like hieroglyphics. i called my sons over to the window to see what was going on. then i went down to the doors and people were already going inside. i went inside and it was completely modern, i think there were even escalators and elevators so i went up a couple of floors and heard male voices talking/whispering behind a door. i went into the room beside that door that was already open. it looked like a dormitory. there was someone hiding under a tan blanket. i pulled it off and it was something dressed in some white furry costume, but his face was visible, but covered in white makeup. i told him i meant him no harm and i pulled him up off the ground. he spoke perfect english. i opened the door where i heard whispering and it the people behind it looked like government agents, they had guns. then some of my people came up behind me and had guns and i told everybody to remain calm and put their guns away. the leader behind the door was bald and looked alot like frank from csi miami, only shorter.
we went outside and these people held a press conference. this was some secret military training facility and the trainees were mormon men. they were working with new technology we didnt have in the rest of the world and were practically like super soldiers, nearly indestructable/unstoppable. for reasons i dont understand, i raised my hand and asked if i could join, or rather i just wanted to stay and learn from them. the lady told me that i couldnt have my family there with me so then i was unsure and probably wouldnt stay afterall. i remember some guy next to me saying "and kill people" while the press conference person was listing the good attributes of these trainees, tell what they could do. the guy seemed like a homeless guy or was at least very unkept. i woke up after this.

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