Friday, 25 December 2009

live concert + door to door sales

i was at a huge arena filled with musicians and spectators (probably thousands) and i was going to play and sing a song on guitar, but i couldn't remember the guitar chords (they were written down by the lyrics, but i forgot how to grep them). i was waiting and waiting for them to call my name and getting really nervous, but then i started making up an entirely new song while waiting, but then i was unsure if i wanted to try that because i had never practiced it. i had a classic guitar. most people playing before me were really good. i made my way to the backstage with my lyrics book in hand and carrying my guitar and none of the guards hesitated to let me by because i looked like a musician, which surprised me, i thought how easy it would be to sneak in there. i got backstage and there were mothers running around (reminded me of some child fashion show). i finally got to the stage behind the curtains and watched the 3 young guys who were performing before me. it seemed that all 3 were playing guitar, but one of them also was playing the harmonica. my dream switched before i got on. i probably dreamed about guitars because jonas was here yesterday playing my guitar and asking me about chords. the arena reminded me of the end of the movie "love actually" which i watched yesterday on tv, or the day before -- the school play.

the next segment was at some pakistani guys house and i was playing on some mini electric guitar, red, with the strings really close to each other and it only had like 15 frets (maybe because i had seen that norwegian movie about the princess who gets kidnapped and the jester had a little lute). while we were playing, 3 ex-military-looking guys in hawaiian shirts and kakhi shorts showed up knocking at his back door. they had a book in their hand and it said something like goetia or gnosis, something with a g on it (gideon?) and they pronounced it (in american accented norwegian) "gosha" and me and my friend thought they were really suspicious so we said immediately that we weren't interested and tried to close the door, but the one guy who looked like the blonde-haired PI guy in the movie "the firm" (and the other guy behind him was the pony tail lackie guy in the wallander movie "skytteren") who was killed by psycho looking blonde guy, he walked into the house and asked to use the bathroom or phone book or something, some kind of excuse, (reminds me of the lackie guy in that swedish movie who followed the girls on their snow scooter to their cabin and came in uninvited). we finally got him out of the house and started locking all the doors but many of the locks were crap and didnt seem to work properly and we couldnt see the guys outside anywhere. we were in a forest. i think the dream ended right about then.

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