Friday, 23 April 2010

the man in yellow

i remember being somewhere where an exconvict (still in his prison jumper, which was yellow) was going to beat up or kill a mormon guy for trying to convert some of this guys friends/family. i remember trying to reason with the excon that what he was doing was not representative of jesus, but he didnt want to listen. i remember telling him that these beliefs are just ideas and faith and that he didnt need to react so angrily, things arent life or death... he looked just like the gomez (?) guy in a recent dexter episode (where dexter brought the wrong files to a court case), with slicked-back dark hair and tatoos on his arms.

Monday, 19 April 2010

smoking engine

i dreamed last night that i was driving our car and tons of black smoke started to come out from underneath the hood, covering the windshield of the car and THEN the yellow oil light came on. the car was apparently way down/empty on oil. our car didnt get any damage, but it was close to melting/ruining the engine. this is exactly what my mother in law told me about her car a couple of days ago, everything except for the smoke, so thats probably where this came from..

maze dragon fire crystal

2 nights ago i dreamed that i was in some kind of castle and got there through some kind of maze or troublesome path and there was a huge dragon outside the castle breathing fire down into the castle, but it didnt reach me, but it was super hot and i was supposed to get to some place or tower to retrieve some kind of oracle or crystal or something because once i got that i would have power to stop anything and anyone....