Wednesday, 16 December 2009

death sentence

last night i dreamed i was to go willingly to a lethal injection, but when i got to the building/prison/hospital and walked into the door i decided i didn't want to die right now so i ran away scared. as i was running away i saw Laura B-C directly ahead of me at the top of a little hill wearing a green t shirt with light colored large lettered writing on it standing on some steps outside a door to a townhouse or apartment building and she yelled out to me that i could come kiss her if i wanted to, her husband doesn't mind, but also something about that she was horny and warned that she might just let someone have sex with her. i thought that was weird and i turned to the right on the street and kept running. later on i was driving away in the back of someone's truck that had a canopy over it and was laying down so cars driving by wouldn't see me. i remember huge trucks and vans driving behind us and passing us. i never got caught.

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