Sunday, 20 December 2009

new york new york

last night i was going to new york by sled (i think it was the red sled i bought for felix yesterday at plantasjen). we were sliding downhill and suddenly there was a jump and we flew half way through new york city in the air, but it looked just like a green field to me with a couple of buildings/houses, but i was convinced it was new york city. then when we got to the city the first thing i saw was an alley way with people (mostly guys) dressed in black/dark colors and arguing and people hanging out of windows and arguing. then we got to a mall and met this older couple who were doctors (general practitioners, nick humphrey's parents?) and they invited us (the person i was with was ben affleck) to their family reunion pictures at this studio full of famous people, actors, musicians, run by a pregnant michelle pfeiffer with really long curly hair. then before it was our turn to take pictures i told a lady who worked there to wait for me because i was going to wash my face in the bathroom and i saw her make a face as if i had bad breath (i had forgotten to brush my teeth before i went to bed) and i laughed and said "and brush my teeth", then she laughed. i went to the bathroom that reminded me of the bathroom in that swedish movie we saw yesterday or the day before in that religious chapel (the movie was called something with storm and the preacher who was murdered looked finnish). on my way to the bathroom it was a confusing mix of signs and you just had to choose from this list of the type of bathroom you wanted to say was busy, but then when i got into the bathroom it was huge and there were other people there so i don't know why it was like that. outside the door there were some doors that were labeled as bathrooms only for employees so i went into this general looking door. inside the hallway behind that door was the list on the wall you had to choose from, if you were a man, woman, etc (i don't remember the other options). inside the bathroom i saw that i was wearing jeans over my grey slacks (possibly a similarity to felix and the different layers of clothes he wears to barnehage?) so i took off my jeans so i would look nicer for the pictures. on my way out there were 2 dark looking guys (persian?) in dark suits who went out before me. i can't remember much after this.
on my way into the studio the first time at the beginning there were these famous actors sitting behind a glass wall and the actor Bradley Cooper from the jim carrey movie "yes man" was one of them and was looking at me as i walked by him, he was smiling.

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