Tuesday, 29 December 2009

lily, the pizza hut keyboard and the coed shower

what i first remember from dream 1 last night was standing on lily tomlins townhouse doorstep, somewhere in new york, in what looked like a pretty normal middle-class street. she was i think the second to the last house on the street that then ran perpendicular into a new street and on the other side of that new street was a hill that went down to a river and on the other side of the river was another big green hill that rose up into other hills with trees. (this is probably from the pictures i found on the net while looking for the thornfield hall from jane eyre last night) i told lily she looked really good and that she hadnt changed much from what i remember her as a child. she said she "gets help" which i took to mean plastic surgery or botox or something. she had light brown hair and was wearing an oversized blue shirt that buttoned up. it looked like she was dressed as somebody who cleaned houses for a living, rather plain. i asked her about this old log cabin house across the street that looked abandoned and she said it belonged to some chinese guy who owned the little store next to it, which was going out of business, so if i waited til he had to sell then i might get it for cheaper (i wanted to buy it and fix it up, but hilde wasnt so sure about it, i dont think she wanted to buy it). lily owned a little store herself and i think she was the one who put him out of business, not intentionally. the chinese guy, although i dont remember seeing him, looked like the guy who does the voice of pos father in kung fu panda, or thats who i imaged him to be. the name of the store was something like "ah" or "ang" something which i think comes from the ah-so picture i found on flickr yesterday.

then i walked across the street, there was snow on the ground (there is snow outside here where we live) and walked around that log cabin house to look into the windows. suddenly the house was way bigger than what i thought it was. it was super long. (this is probably from the extreme makeover home edition hilde and i watched yesterday where the house they built didnt look very big from the outside, but had many rooms on the inside and looked rather large) upon looking in the windows i noticed that each room was occupied by a homeless-drug-user-looking person(s). i was really disappointed because i really wanted to buy the place, but it didnt look like it would be possible now since it was fully occupied.

i remember going into that building or a similar building which at the end after coming out was actually a giant pizza hut inside a shopping mall. but inside it reminded me of a homeless shelter with all sorts of people. in the bottom was a club of some sorts and way back in the corner was a white iron door with a little metal peephole door that opened on hinges and a bouncer dressed in all white with dark hair slicked straight back. he wouldnt let me in to the back room, past that door. i shyed away after being denied entry and went upstairs where i found a bunch of weird and original looking small keyboards. just like the kids one we have here in our house my youngest son was playing yesterday. i had a friend with me, i think it was HH, but im not sure. anyways this friend was skeptical for some reason to my musical talents and as i started to make a tune on this keyboard this friend actually liked what i was playing. after what i think was a really long time, like 2 hours, i went out of the building and saw a big pizza hut sign over the entrance. then i sat down at this park bench in the middle of the g├ągata and i think my byu freshman class friends showed up and sat down with me, then all of the sudden john travolta came and sat down and had really long hair, not in a pony tail and he was our old friend. he was really happy, almost seemed drunk, then he got up and went to the table/bench next to us and started talking to the people there who he didnt know but he charmed them right away and becames friends with them too.

after this i remember no transition into this next dream, what ill call dream 2. i was in a public shower of some sort and everybody there was naked. there were both girls and guys there and even really young children. one thing that was strange was we were all standing up against a wall and behind us was like a 6-7 foot drop off, all tiled, but on the opposite wall was the soap, so if you tried to grab it and werent careful, it was really slippery, you would fall down into the "pit". one kid fell down, then another kid kind of fell on top of him, but they didnt seem to get too hurt. the second kid to fall was the motorcycle kid from the malcom in the middle episode i saw last night. the first kid looked like him, but had blonder hair and seemed to be his little brother. i think i was standing next to T Stratton. then i walked further down the shower hall and there was an open doorway and i looked into the next shower room and there were 2 naked girls, i think they were probably in their teens and they looked as if they had soap all over their bodies and the one closest too me started putting on a white gstring underpants and i was like "what are you doing? you need to wash off the soap first or youll get all itchy" (i had said this to one of my own children the other day after he had taken a bath), but then i noticed that i wasnt soap but little spots of lotion. i think the gstring was from the intolerably fabulous movie with george clooney we started watching the other day, when i guy from the lost boys was in the hotel room with his mistress, except her gstring type underwear was red. the other naked girl reminded me a little of M Finsen. i remember not being turned on at all, or at least not allowing myself to get turned on, and telling them that after living here for 10 years, ive totally become accustomed to nudity, whereas before i moved here, i would never have been able to be in a place like this.

i know there was more to my dreams, i think there was even a dream before the lily tomlin part, but i cant remember anything more.

Monday, 28 December 2009

the movie and the spider

i dreamed 2 nights ago that i was going to the movies with some friends and they all got in before me because i didnt have enough money so i had to get out of line and take out some cash. when i got back to the upright box (where someone stands inside the theater where they normally take your tickets; in my dream this was where you paid for the ticket) the girl who was there had moved on to another box to start selling tickets there. i thought it was so unfair and i waited for a while for someone else to come and sell me a ticket, but when nobody came i just shouted to the girl that i am putting the money on the box and went in. it was a huge movie theater, mostly red and velvet decor. my seat was numbered (although where i got my ticket from i dont know, maybe i took one from the box?) and my seat was way up in the first row. but the seats were arranged in a bow shape and there was an altar in the middle in the very front (like inside an lds temple). i couldnt see my friends, but then i think they were seated behind me. while i was sitting there, a blonde military kid from my byu freshman year walked in front of me and i stood up and said hi with a happy voice and he remembered me and asked me how i was doing. i dont remember anything after that.

last night i dreamed about a giant black spider chasing me and my friends all over this huge building. (i had heard the last couple of lines of a harry potter movie last night on tv). i remember being in the bottom floor of some building and there was a huge hole in the ground covered by lots of shrubbage and dead garden waste and a big brown blanket (the one in our living room upstairs). and when i removed this, i dont know why i did, the spider came out. i remember running all over the place being chased and trying to find a way to kill the spider. i was thinking of some kind of big tooth (i read for my children about a iguanadon tooth found in the 1800s in this dinosaur book last night) or a sword like in lord of the rings. i think we killed it in the end, but i dont remember how. i also remember something about an icy river, but i cant remember if that was from last night or not.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

securing the sliding glass door + moving

part of one of my dreams last night was about keeping some kind of bad person or thing out of my parents house in washington. i was scurrying to lock all the doors and the last thing to close was the sliding glass door. the lock wouldnt lock properly so i was looking for a wooden pole or something to put in the gutter behind the sliding glass door so you couldnt pull it open, but i never find anything long enough so i was stacking boxes and different things, but nothing was holding. i looked in the wood box, but there was nothing to use, only some cardboard boxes and small wood pieces.

later in possibly another dream i dreamed that my wife and i lived in the states and had a place here in norway and we were going to move back to norway, but most of the stuff we have recently purchased was in our house in the states so we had to rent a huge container so we could fill it with furniture and things to then send it on a boat to norway. i remember we had a giant white wooden bed frame that had poles and a convex shape headboard with 2 rows of mattresses and the bed was on an elevated step upwards above the floor.

there was more but i cant remember more.

Friday, 25 December 2009

live concert + door to door sales

i was at a huge arena filled with musicians and spectators (probably thousands) and i was going to play and sing a song on guitar, but i couldn't remember the guitar chords (they were written down by the lyrics, but i forgot how to grep them). i was waiting and waiting for them to call my name and getting really nervous, but then i started making up an entirely new song while waiting, but then i was unsure if i wanted to try that because i had never practiced it. i had a classic guitar. most people playing before me were really good. i made my way to the backstage with my lyrics book in hand and carrying my guitar and none of the guards hesitated to let me by because i looked like a musician, which surprised me, i thought how easy it would be to sneak in there. i got backstage and there were mothers running around (reminded me of some child fashion show). i finally got to the stage behind the curtains and watched the 3 young guys who were performing before me. it seemed that all 3 were playing guitar, but one of them also was playing the harmonica. my dream switched before i got on. i probably dreamed about guitars because jonas was here yesterday playing my guitar and asking me about chords. the arena reminded me of the end of the movie "love actually" which i watched yesterday on tv, or the day before -- the school play.

the next segment was at some pakistani guys house and i was playing on some mini electric guitar, red, with the strings really close to each other and it only had like 15 frets (maybe because i had seen that norwegian movie about the princess who gets kidnapped and the jester had a little lute). while we were playing, 3 ex-military-looking guys in hawaiian shirts and kakhi shorts showed up knocking at his back door. they had a book in their hand and it said something like goetia or gnosis, something with a g on it (gideon?) and they pronounced it (in american accented norwegian) "gosha" and me and my friend thought they were really suspicious so we said immediately that we weren't interested and tried to close the door, but the one guy who looked like the blonde-haired PI guy in the movie "the firm" (and the other guy behind him was the pony tail lackie guy in the wallander movie "skytteren") who was killed by psycho looking blonde guy, he walked into the house and asked to use the bathroom or phone book or something, some kind of excuse, (reminds me of the lackie guy in that swedish movie who followed the girls on their snow scooter to their cabin and came in uninvited). we finally got him out of the house and started locking all the doors but many of the locks were crap and didnt seem to work properly and we couldnt see the guys outside anywhere. we were in a forest. i think the dream ended right about then.

Monday, 21 December 2009


i dreamt last night that i was in an office building where i could see mount ararat from a window. except whatever this ararat was, it does not resemble the ararat in turkey. it wasnt much taller than the office building i was in (probably 12 stories high) and it was reddish stone. anyways as i was talking to some lady i was looking at the mountain/rock and imagined it starting to crack and then it suddenly started to crack and the ground began to rumble and big stone doors became visible and opened up at the bottom of the rock. they were covered in what looked like hieroglyphics. i called my sons over to the window to see what was going on. then i went down to the doors and people were already going inside. i went inside and it was completely modern, i think there were even escalators and elevators so i went up a couple of floors and heard male voices talking/whispering behind a door. i went into the room beside that door that was already open. it looked like a dormitory. there was someone hiding under a tan blanket. i pulled it off and it was something dressed in some white furry costume, but his face was visible, but covered in white makeup. i told him i meant him no harm and i pulled him up off the ground. he spoke perfect english. i opened the door where i heard whispering and it the people behind it looked like government agents, they had guns. then some of my people came up behind me and had guns and i told everybody to remain calm and put their guns away. the leader behind the door was bald and looked alot like frank from csi miami, only shorter.
we went outside and these people held a press conference. this was some secret military training facility and the trainees were mormon men. they were working with new technology we didnt have in the rest of the world and were practically like super soldiers, nearly indestructable/unstoppable. for reasons i dont understand, i raised my hand and asked if i could join, or rather i just wanted to stay and learn from them. the lady told me that i couldnt have my family there with me so then i was unsure and probably wouldnt stay afterall. i remember some guy next to me saying "and kill people" while the press conference person was listing the good attributes of these trainees, tell what they could do. the guy seemed like a homeless guy or was at least very unkept. i woke up after this.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

new york new york

last night i was going to new york by sled (i think it was the red sled i bought for felix yesterday at plantasjen). we were sliding downhill and suddenly there was a jump and we flew half way through new york city in the air, but it looked just like a green field to me with a couple of buildings/houses, but i was convinced it was new york city. then when we got to the city the first thing i saw was an alley way with people (mostly guys) dressed in black/dark colors and arguing and people hanging out of windows and arguing. then we got to a mall and met this older couple who were doctors (general practitioners, nick humphrey's parents?) and they invited us (the person i was with was ben affleck) to their family reunion pictures at this studio full of famous people, actors, musicians, run by a pregnant michelle pfeiffer with really long curly hair. then before it was our turn to take pictures i told a lady who worked there to wait for me because i was going to wash my face in the bathroom and i saw her make a face as if i had bad breath (i had forgotten to brush my teeth before i went to bed) and i laughed and said "and brush my teeth", then she laughed. i went to the bathroom that reminded me of the bathroom in that swedish movie we saw yesterday or the day before in that religious chapel (the movie was called something with storm and the preacher who was murdered looked finnish). on my way to the bathroom it was a confusing mix of signs and you just had to choose from this list of the type of bathroom you wanted to say was busy, but then when i got into the bathroom it was huge and there were other people there so i don't know why it was like that. outside the door there were some doors that were labeled as bathrooms only for employees so i went into this general looking door. inside the hallway behind that door was the list on the wall you had to choose from, if you were a man, woman, etc (i don't remember the other options). inside the bathroom i saw that i was wearing jeans over my grey slacks (possibly a similarity to felix and the different layers of clothes he wears to barnehage?) so i took off my jeans so i would look nicer for the pictures. on my way out there were 2 dark looking guys (persian?) in dark suits who went out before me. i can't remember much after this.
on my way into the studio the first time at the beginning there were these famous actors sitting behind a glass wall and the actor Bradley Cooper from the jim carrey movie "yes man" was one of them and was looking at me as i walked by him, he was smiling.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

cruise with my son

my number three son and i were on a big cruise ship on a river (i saw this picture of jackie barrett in a boat on the river the other day) and our car was also on the cruise ship bc i remember seeing my car keys and thinking that it didnt matter where i put them, i could hang them on the outside of our cabin door i wanted to, bc if anybody stole them they couldn't drive away with our car anyway. we shared a tiny little cabin together with a windows on both sides. to the left it was the ocean and to the right was a hallway (we were at the beginning of the hallway) and a door then went out to the deck on the right side of the ship. doug G and his wife turid were also on the ship. doug saw some dolphins and whales in the water so he jumped overboard to take pictures of them. the boat kept sailing away so he swam really fast and climbed back on board. i remember being below him helping him climb up (eagle egg scene from nacho libre that i just watched the other day?) then the ship stopped at some port and a new lady passenger came into the hallway going to her room and i was standing in my underwear so i closed our cabin door. then i woke up.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

death sentence

last night i dreamed i was to go willingly to a lethal injection, but when i got to the building/prison/hospital and walked into the door i decided i didn't want to die right now so i ran away scared. as i was running away i saw Laura B-C directly ahead of me at the top of a little hill wearing a green t shirt with light colored large lettered writing on it standing on some steps outside a door to a townhouse or apartment building and she yelled out to me that i could come kiss her if i wanted to, her husband doesn't mind, but also something about that she was horny and warned that she might just let someone have sex with her. i thought that was weird and i turned to the right on the street and kept running. later on i was driving away in the back of someone's truck that had a canopy over it and was laying down so cars driving by wouldn't see me. i remember huge trucks and vans driving behind us and passing us. i never got caught.