Monday, 28 December 2009

the movie and the spider

i dreamed 2 nights ago that i was going to the movies with some friends and they all got in before me because i didnt have enough money so i had to get out of line and take out some cash. when i got back to the upright box (where someone stands inside the theater where they normally take your tickets; in my dream this was where you paid for the ticket) the girl who was there had moved on to another box to start selling tickets there. i thought it was so unfair and i waited for a while for someone else to come and sell me a ticket, but when nobody came i just shouted to the girl that i am putting the money on the box and went in. it was a huge movie theater, mostly red and velvet decor. my seat was numbered (although where i got my ticket from i dont know, maybe i took one from the box?) and my seat was way up in the first row. but the seats were arranged in a bow shape and there was an altar in the middle in the very front (like inside an lds temple). i couldnt see my friends, but then i think they were seated behind me. while i was sitting there, a blonde military kid from my byu freshman year walked in front of me and i stood up and said hi with a happy voice and he remembered me and asked me how i was doing. i dont remember anything after that.

last night i dreamed about a giant black spider chasing me and my friends all over this huge building. (i had heard the last couple of lines of a harry potter movie last night on tv). i remember being in the bottom floor of some building and there was a huge hole in the ground covered by lots of shrubbage and dead garden waste and a big brown blanket (the one in our living room upstairs). and when i removed this, i dont know why i did, the spider came out. i remember running all over the place being chased and trying to find a way to kill the spider. i was thinking of some kind of big tooth (i read for my children about a iguanadon tooth found in the 1800s in this dinosaur book last night) or a sword like in lord of the rings. i think we killed it in the end, but i dont remember how. i also remember something about an icy river, but i cant remember if that was from last night or not.

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