Monday, 25 January 2010

party off the boat

in my dream last night i was on a big boat and had gone down to the lowest level and the captain sat completely in the front of the boat. on the first row sat H. Hollon. i remember having to stoop way down or crawl to get around in the bottom level of the boat. when i got off the boat i met C. James and she invited me to a party at her parents house. i remember also going with her to some celebration/graduation party of some sort filled with popular and famous people. some guy was toastmaster and was getting annoyed at some short blonde sports kid who kept commenting on everything he would say. at C. James' house i stayed a little while and tried to talk to people and then i left. i remember her house was high up on a cliff overlooking the ocean. (reminds me of the house on åndenes makt last night that was high up, but not overlooking any body of water)

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