Sunday, 24 January 2010

marine friend and running from the mob

i dreamed last night that i had knowledge of some kind of atomic bomb delivery to some big mob boss and he found out that i knew. i was on the run at an airport and found out that the US government was after me as well (via the mob boss). i went to take out money on one of my bank cards and it was completely empty although i had several thousand kroner on it the day before. luckily i had one card that wasnt emptied or blocked yet. while at the airport i saw a whole train of airport employees running after me so i hid in an in-airport hotel lobby hiding behind columns (reminds me of the movie venus which i saw last night where peter otoole was hiding behind a column during an acting scene). then i talked to a receptionist (the short heavy set dark haired girl from comedy inc) asking her for help. while i was waiting at a gate i ran into D. Reichert and another guy i knew. they were like 8 or 9 feet tall and all muscle. D. was a marine and the other guy was a navy seal or something. my friend H. Høgset was there with me all of the sudden and we got this lady to take a picture of us 3 where D. held us up on each arm high up in the air. D. was really humble and nice. weird.

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