Thursday, 21 January 2010

2 dreams - reduced to nothing and no snow

2 nights ago i dreamed that my wife and i moved to utah of all places and she already had a job lined up while i had nothing. i went into the city and on my way i left my backpack on the train and lost it. it had my laptop in it. then i realized i had forgotten to shower so i looked kind of shabby and felt sweaty and smelly. then i was going to buy new clothes and the guys at the store were giving me a hard time because they felt i had offended them somehow. they got me the wrong pair of shoes that i had asked for and i confronted the guy and he got angry at me and pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. we got into a wrestling match and he fired off the gun but it was pointing at him so he shot himself. the police came and i told them what had happened and since there were witnesses i was just let go, no questioning or anything. i remember i was also looking to buy some blue jeans and a grey sweater and i couldnt find anything my size. i left the store empty handed and then somehow i lost my wallet. i think somebody pickpocketed me. i didnt have any way to call my wife. i was riding a bike on this path around a body of water to my right. there was a chain linked fence between me and the water. the path was made of cement and was very wide, wide enough for cars to drive on although they werent allowed. then a security car with 3 guys in it drove by and i waived them down to ask for help, but then it turned out they were only dressed up as security guards and were bankrobbers or something. i somehow started chasing them on my bike or they were chasing me, and we ran onto a trolly that was right by the water and then that dream ended.

last night i dreamed that i woke up and all the snow outside was gone! there were even huge plants/trees next to the parking area by where we live and i was like "yes!" =) i was so happy. then MP and his wife EP were coming over to our house. i cant remember what we were talking about, but i know EP liked it and MP didnt for some reason. then i was sitting in some kind of classroom with individuals desks like at a university exam. and there was a girl sitting behind me and a girl sitting to the left, diagonally behind me and i was turned around in my seat talking to them and flirting with them, trying to get them to have sex with me. i dont remember who they were, but one of them reminded me of JillJ.

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