Saturday, 2 January 2010

2 nights of nothing, then back in the saddle

i dont know why but 4 nights ago i had a very vivid dream and recorded it here with much detail, then the following 2 nights i had absolutely nothing, or i dont remember a single thing although i think i actually dreamed. then last night i could remember my dream again. strange.

last night i remember at least being in some library where a girl who worked there would be looking at me very often, following me with her eyes (i wonder if this is because i feel like the girl at B Dahl does the same thing when she happens to be outside on a smoke break sometimes when i get to work?). i was there with my friend H Ferreyra. he left his skandiabanken card and i took it to hold onto it for him, but i ended up bending it so that it broke. i remember being annoyed with myself and asking myself why i didnt put it in my little wallet, but instead just put it in my front left pants pocket. i feard that the card became unusable. the logo also was super old and ugly and i saw that the card was issued in 2001 or 2002. (the reminds me of the old logos i saw a couple of days ago that were really ugly). my friend told me on the phone that i could bring the card to his house, but i had to be careful getting there because he lived in a really dangerous place. (what is funny is that this reminds me now of the show i just watched on tv tonight about a rich kid/25 yrs old who went to the most dangerous place in england to help out at a neighborhood club for kids from the streets. prophetic dream?) the odd thing was that i had to get there on bicycle. the terrain reminded me of my wifes familys cabin in røros. for some reason i arrived at some kind of warehouse and was met by some dark woman who had sex with me and really wanted me to stay with her, but i felt nothing for her and i cant remember much after that.

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