Thursday, 14 January 2010

vivid again and i remember details

last night before i went to sleep i had an orgasm and i didnt eat anything (no late night snack/cereal). i wonder if those factors have anything to do with the vividness of dreams. i have felt for many days now that my dreams havent been filled with details/seemed very very real and that i havent been able to remember much after waking. last night was completely different. i dreamed i was harry potter, but that i was fighting vampires and they were everywhere. several times they almost overpowered me. i was in some kind of bath/tile-laced room, white and there was a thin pool of deep water around the perimeter. it reminded me of the round room in blade after he kicks ass in the blood party. there were vampires there pushing me under the water and holding me down to drown me. i dont remember how i got out of it. i think by getting angry and getting a lot of strength. btw, i watched the first 10 minutes of a harry potter movie 2 nights ago. i remember later a lot of huge open green fields where vampires were picnicking everywhere and me and a lot of other people had infiltrated them and started throwing holy water with garlic bits at every single person we passed by. the weird thing was that nobody reacted and flew away or fought back or noticed what we were doing. it kind of reminded me of the dead souls in lotr who just swept over all of saurumans forces without trouble. i also remember earlier i was flying around, although i dont remember if it was on a broomstick or not, trying to get away from vampires. once i had to try and squeeze through a thin stone window (without glass) in some kind of big castle. i had several dreams, but this is the only one i remember.

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