Tuesday, 16 February 2010

surgery, guns and bathrooms, plus a kiss

i had a weird dream last night that i was in a hospital and going to have some kind of surgery on some internal organs, i cant remember what it was. i remember before getting to the hospital that i found a buried chest that i had buried a long time ago and it was filled with handguns and ammunition, but the ivana girl on lost who was jacob's helper, who brought the dead john locke to the statue, said that i wasnt allowed to take any of the weapons, but i emptied the magazine of the best handgun and took it with me and convinced her that it was fine. i remember waiting to be operated on and i was looking for a bathroom so i could have a bowel movement and urinate before surgery and i couldnt find a bathroom anywhere. eventually i found one where nobody knew there was one. all the places i was told to look were too far away or they were labeled as a bathroom, but it turned out only to be a shower with no toilet. i remember then lying on a table getting ready for the anesthesiologist and right before getting my anesthetics, i woke up.

update: i just remembered that i also was in a building and saw EBK and went right up to her and began to kiss her lips, and she seemed surprised and happy, but when i realized what i was doing i pulled away immediately (i felt like something else was controlling my body, making me do that) and she got sad and started crying. i tried explaining that it wasnt me doing that, but it didnt seem to help.

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