Wednesday, 24 February 2010

inside a giant boat, breasts and a gocart

i think i was inside a giant boat last night. there were 2 giant eggs at one end and i saw a real dragon hatch from one of the eggs. he was playful, but a little dangerous. i then remember standing way up high somewhere looking down at the ground below and seeing MR take off her top so i could see her breasts. they werent tan around the nipples because of her tan line. i tried acting like it wasnt any big deal seeing her breasts. then i remember OB and someone else ask who wants to run home to get her a bra and i volunteered since noone else wanted to do it. i had a really fun gocart to drive home with. it was fun to spin around corners. i think i dreamed this because it has been really icy on the roads lately and the car im driving is fun to drive when it is icy =)

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