Monday, 1 March 2010

shuba, exorcisms and the eye

last night i dreamed that i could fly with a shuba (below the root, which i played just the other day) and flew up to a woman's house in the LMCC. her husband was the mayor of the city and their house was up in the air so that nobody could get up to it and mess with the dead bodies (criminal evidence) that the police department stored in his house. i flew up there because i had a crush on the woman and wanted to say hi. her daughter was home so i talked to them for a while, but then her husband came home unannounced and he was suspicious that something was going on. i offered to let him fly using my shuba. suddenly their house wasnt in the air anymore and was a lot smaller on the outside than it seemed to be from the inside. so we and a lot of other people were standing on their lawn and everybody seemed to have their own shuba for some reason.

earlier on that night i also dreamed about banishing annoying/hostile spirits to the outer reaches of the universe and i wasnt even scared. i totally faced them without much fear. it was a cool feeling.

i also dreamed about EA, he seemed a lot younger, but otherwise dressed the same. i remember seeing a big eye (it was like his eye was in front of him on a big screen or something) and it seemed gentle, but also capable of harm. it was crazy.

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