Monday, 12 July 2010

lds testimony meeting

i dreamed last night that i was in an lds testimony meeting in sandvika and stood up on top of a piano bench and started telling everybody all the stuff i have recently learned about church history and why the church was a cult, etc. everybody starting laughing, i think they thought i was trying to be funny, but when they realized i wasnt then they started laughing to scorn. i think there was like 1 old lady with long blonde frizzy/curly hair that actually listened to what i was saying and seemed to agree with me.
the meeting began by announcing the excommunication of Ds husband Nick because he wasnt willing to share names of people he knew. it was completely absurd, so that fired me up to get up on the bench and start "preaching" =) but this took place in the kent stake center and not in sandvika. afterwards i remember seeing security cars driving to my house to try and arrest me, so i didnt go home.

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