Thursday, 10 June 2010

war time

i remember standing alongside a major road in a polish city and the moroccan army was invading and all of the sudden one of the moroccan soldiers on a tank just opened fire on me and 2 other people standing there. i remember falling to the ground and about to die and expecting the soldier to come finish the job, but he didnt and i was like "cmon just get it over with". i wanted to see what was "on the other side", but i never made it. i guess i didnt die. i also remember some princess that i had had an affair with or something and i was chasing her car yelling for her to stop and the car she was driving pulled into the house next to the big iron gate they came out of. the princess was riding in the convertable, sitting upraised and it was night time. then i saw her fiance across the street coming towards us and i dont remember what happened after that.

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